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Mobile Marketing

Wisdom Business on the Go
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Corporate Apps

Common type of corporate apps :
1) eLearning/ Staffs Training/ Staff Guideline
2) Field Services Management/ Helpdesk
3) Stock Inventory System
4) Facilities Booking System
5) Mobile Survey
6) Sales Presentation Management

Marketing Apps

Common Features for Marketing Apps : -
1) Membership / coupon redemption
2) E-Catalogue
3) News/ Promotion/ Information
4) Table Reserve
5) Way finding/ eDirectory
6) Social Media Sharing
7) ecommerce

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Mobile Marketing Services @ 4 Stages

- Market Review;
- Competitive analysis;
- Define Objective of the apps;
- Define KPI for the apps

Promotion – By other
Marketing Channel
eg. Facebook adv, SEM,
Buzz, Teaser Campaign

Reach Target Users,
Drive download

- nos. of download;
- other mobile analysis;
- In-app Campaign


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Mobile Platform